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April 13, 2008
The Canadian Medical Association encourages physicians to get online with innovative PHR platform.

In a speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade today, Canadian Medical Association President Dr. Brian Day launched mydoctor.ca Health Portal which features the first physician-driven Canadian electronic patient health record platform (PHR) as well as innovative online tools for tracking chronic diseases. This health portal further builds on the patient-physician relationship by directly and securely linking patients to their physicians.

The new portal, created by Practice Solutions, a CMA company, allows physicians to register their patients with any or all of the online tools the portal offers - asthma tracker, blood pressure tool and weight tracker and a personal health record. Designed by physicians, the portal also provides secure messaging, ensuring a private channel of communication between patient and doctor.

"This service really shows the role of technological innovation in raising the standards of healthcare delivery in Canada," said Dr. Brian Day, President of the CMA. "The mydoctor.ca Health Portal provides a new way for physicians to give each patient the care and attention they deserve while also empowering patients to become active participants in their care."

As simple as banking online, patients enter the secure portal and input health information for their physician to access and monitor. The data is automatically converted into a convenient chart that displays a patientís results over time. Scalable to the needs of different practices, physicians can choose the tools they want to deploy, even receiving alerts if a patientís results fluctuate outside of the prescribed range.

"The mydoctor.ca Health Portal is truly as innovative and simple to use as it sounds," said Dr. Timothy Foggin, a family physician in British Columbia. "I use the tools with my patients to stay connected with them and help them take a more active role in managing their chronic conditions. I believe physicians and patients working closely together will create better health outcomes."

Christine Hampson, President and CEO of the Asthma Society of Canada said, "The goal of asthma self-management is to obtain control of the condition and maintain it over time. To succeed in this approach, there must be collaboration between physician and patient. The mydoctor.ca Health Portal creates the platform for that essential line of communication, resulting in increased monitoring and ultimately healthier patients."

In his speech, Day added that the CMAís ongoing 'More Doctors. More Care.' campaign is highlighting the use of technology, like the mydoctor.ca Health Portal, as a key to improving quality health care services for patients. The campaign aims to get health care back on the federal political agenda, calling for action to address Canada's dire physician shortage and increased investment in health information technology to help the health care system work better for patients.

About the Canadian Medical Association The Canadian Medical Association is a national, voluntary association that represents over 67,000 physicians across the Canada. The CMA advocates on behalf of its members and their patients for access to high quality health care. It also provides leadership and guidance to physicians.
CMA News Release Apr 1, 2008, Vancouver, Canada/ www.cma.ca


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